Kesedar Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 12 Mei 1994. Its establishment was to fascilitate the travellers need of a reliable tour operator in the South Kelantan region which is seen as natures wonderland with so much to offer in terms of eco-tourism. This is a land of opportunity which is not seen by most operators. With the growth in overall travel industry, the company is expected to grow in tandem with it. Though the industry is highly competitive, there is no competition whatsoever in the area of operation. As such Kesedar Travel & Tours will be able to fulfill the need of most travel companies in the city to open up new horizon in the need for new areas to explore and new products to put on the shelf. Nature is an everlasting product and the realisation to conserve and protect it make it all the more alluring and attractive to many. Kesedar Travel & Tours will handle nature the best way possible to make it last for future generations to appreciate.


Kelantan Selatan with its vast forest area will support a tourism industry that will be perpetually sustainable for generations to come.


To promote eco-tourism and be a reliable and responsible tour operator and conduct educational excursions while maintaining harmony with nature.


'Discover Nature Via Kesedar Travel.'