Taman Negara Sg. Relau
A Day In Gua Musang
Pos Tuel
Nenggiri River - A Rafting
Renok Baru - The Homestay

Experience life in a remote aboriginal village in Kelantan and learn their way of life. Enjoy the simplicity of life and serenity of the place away from the hustle and bustle of city life. See the jungle as a jungle should be and bathe in pristine clear water where only nature can provide. Learn a thing or two from the primitive people and add meaning to your own life.

Day 1
Depart from Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang/Gua Musang, Kelantan for Pos Tuel, Gua Musang, Kelantan. Arrive at Pos Hendrop and continue the journey on dirt road while soaking in the sight of the rainforest. Upon arrival at Pos Tuel guests will be crowned with palm leaves headgear and given freshly plucked coconut drink as a form of welcome.
Choose the form of dwelling for the night either in tents set up near the river or in a community hut in the village. Lunch will be served in due course. Meanwhile you can wander around in the village and enjoy the local fruits like durian (When in season). If you are accustomed to the smell heavenly taste can easily offset the smell.
Enjoy a cool dip in the river and most probably you wont want to get out of it. The afternoon can be spent observing the locals working on their handicraft. Try your hands at it and take home a souvenir that you had a hand in the making of it.
Dinner will be served early to prepare for the sewang a form of traditional dance. All guests are encouraged to participate and definitely you will never regret the experience.

Day 2
Wake up at your own time. Frshly boiled tapioca awaits you for breakfast. See how simple food taste so well under different environment.
Take a trek into the jungle to see the worlds largest flower - the rafflesia. On the way learn how the natives trap various small animals and fish for food. Learn the various herbs and plants traditionally used by the locals to treat various sicknesses.
Assist the guide to prepare lunch in the absence of any utensils. Enjoy simple lunch in a jungle environment. Hunger is always the best appetizer.
Trek back to the village and enjoy a cooling dip in the clear river.
After dinner, take the opportunity to interact with the locals and learn a word or two from them to beef up your vocabulary of the Temiar language.

Day 3
Breakfast will be served early to allow time for you to pack your things for the journey home. Before leaving plant a tree to establish your root to the village. As the vehicle drive away, wave to the people of the community who have found you to be the best guest they have ever come across. The sweet memory of the stay in Pos Tuel, Gua Musang, Kelantan and the warm hospitality of the people, will forever haunt you to come back for more before development take away its beauty forever.

Things to have with you:
1. Sleeping bag
2. Small knife
3. Torch lights
4. Suitable shoes/sandal
5. At least 3 days supply of clothe and suitable bathing suit.
6. Sleeping mat (optional)
7. Tidbits/extra drinking water.
8. Reading material(should you prefer to laze around)

Things provided:
1. Place to sleep/2 men tents
2. All transfers
3. All meals(Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and drinking water)
4. Local guides.