Taman Negara Sg. Relau
A Day In Gua Musang
Pos Tuel
Nenggiri River - A Rafting
Renok Baru - The Homestay

Early morning arrival by train. Guest will have own breakfast at the Railway station. Guests will be met and taken to Kesedar Travels office to freshen up. Depart to Kuala Betis together with the crew and equipment for take off.
Begin rafting. Learn the rhythm of paddling in a group. Stop at Gua Cha, a prehistoric cave for lunch and a short briefing about the cave history. Depart for Kuala Jenera and stop at a suitable site for camping. Along the way guests will experience some rapids to whet the appetite for more rapids. Enjoy the night camping out in the wilderness.

After a simple breakfast, begin the second day rafting through more rapids. Disembark at Pos Pulat an aboriginal settlement and spend the night there. Guests can enjoy the sewang with the orang asli at a fee to be negotiated with the village folks. The price is from RM300 depending on the number of participants.

The final day of rafting will encounter a few more rapids before ending at Kampung Star. Guests will be taken by land to Gua Musang.